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Thank you for deciding to book a Trade Stand for Dubs at the Mill 2019. This year all bookings must be placed via this webpage to enable a smoother process for you the trader and us as a club.


Scrumpy Dubbers guarantee to Traders.


We will advertise and promote the show Dubs at the Mill 2019 on a local and national level. We use social media, leaflet drops at VW events, local press, national press and place signs prominently within the local vicinity.

We strive to make our unique show one of the most popular in the VW calendar each year, bringing a range of enthusiasts merged with interested local people together over the show weekend.

The setting will be well maintained and offer quality surroundings within which your stalls will be pitched. We hope as a club you will have a successful weekend’s trade with us and return again in following years to come.

Before booking your trade stand for DATM 2019 please confirm with James Bacon our pitch coordinator. He will give you your reference number which will enable you to proceed with your booking.

MOBILE NUMBER: 07708 914837

Please tick the appropriate box to agree to our terms and conditions to enable the booking to take place, this will be seen as your acceptance of our terms.

The link below will let you book your trade stand, use the password you have been given when asked.


By booking a trade stall you automatically agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

Any attempt to book will mean you agree to the terms and conditions.